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and author of the book "taking smart risks, how sharp leaders win when stakes are high" alexa is the founder and ceo of learn leading personal finance and lifestyle website for women and monica is a managing partner at seventh capital and author of the book "the entrepreneurial instinct how everyone has the innate ability to start a great small business." great to see all of you. >> great to be here. >> i am shocked at how many people i've said this before, you get to their business and it's pretty successful and they have no idea what's going on in terms of money. >> yeah. >> what's the first step these people should take? >> what i loved about this story, they took the time to look at the data. they had a great customer that came in and gave them some insights which is great, but they took the time. so many businesses, there's data everywhere, there's great insights about what customers are good, high profit, low profit, because you're a small business just trying to make money and work hard, every dollar looks like a dollar i need to have and you don't stop and say, which of thes
. a new way for invastoinvestors t the word out about their invention. alexa von tobel is ceo after founder of learnvest. she dropped out of harvard business school to pursue her dream of making financial planning accessible to all. here is her pitch. >> hi, i'm alexa von tobel, the ceo and founder of learn vs i had a dream it make financial planning accessible no millions of americans in america. i was at harvard and i did a crazy thing, drop out to try to make my dream a reality. over the last three years, we have raised $25 million and just in the last week announced all of our new product. today, as a free user, you trade an account, link your account so you can see what's happening with your finances and get access to our amazing free content to help you do everything you need to with your money. if you want it upgrade, can you get connected directly with a financial planner who works with us. who looks at everything happening in your financial life, making you a five-year plan and fee from 350 to $600, we are there for you for all of your financial decisiones. we hav
york's wabc reports. >> reporter: they are every bit the typical 5-year-old girls, except little alexa did something extraordinary. she saved her mother's life. >> i never realized just how serious something like this could be. until now. >> reporter: suzanne bono tells us she and her daughters hadn't felt very home for days. suzanne, cooking on three different burners, when suddenly she was overcome. she fell to the floor like this. her daughter, michaela trying to wake her, drawing her pictures to make her better. then little alexa sprang into action and knew just who to call. >> reporter: you called your grandma, right? >> yes. >> reporter: the girl's grandma got here and was so upset on the phone with 911, alexa saved the day again. >> she said, grandma, our address is and then told us the address. >> reporter: suzanne's carbon monoxide alarm did go off, but it was late, after she was already passed out. they were all treated here at the medical center, where doctors say both girls also had elevated levels of carbon monoxide. >> it could have been much worse for the girls and mom.
sister, alexa, was bit more emotional. >> i'm the biggest 49ers fan. that's why i'm here today. they're going to win the super bowl. >> even workers from the oakland airport posed for a photo and a cheer as the charter jet taxied off the airport fire department gave the team a water salute to send them off. now, the 49ers are expected to land in new orleans a little after 8:00 our time and also expected to hold a news conference after their arrival. more on that at 11:00. live in santa clara, abc7 news. >> ama: this is from the nfl network. this is new orleans international airport. the team has arrived, and everyone is getting off the plane now. so the team has arrived in new orleans. getting geared up for the super bowl a lot going on this week. of course we always have you covered. i wish i could tell you i was coming off the plane, but maybe shu can tell you who they were. the 49ers are the and ready to take care of business, and a team from abc7 is getting ready to get to new orleans. shu is a former 49ers and will be wearing his super bowl ring. they'll bring you the best cover
. it's literally a matter of life and breath. for "tkn," i'm alexa. >> you can find out more first aid tips on our website. just follow the link. >> each week, we're seen in more than 200 cities and in thousands of schools. "teen kids news" also airs on the american forces network, which reaches u.s. military families all around the globe. this year marks a big milestone for us -- 10 years on the air. so this season, we're taking a look back at some of our favorite stories. >> they just don't make them like they used to. and that's why they look so much like the real thing. let me take you behind the scenes at the leading action toy company. whether making a model of morpheus from "the matrix" or a sculpture of "star wars"'s luke skywalker, this is where it all begins. gentle giant studios is the leader in digital scanning. the process allows an action figure to look just like the person it's modeled after. >> the digital technology, specifically the scanning, has revolutionized the way we make action figures. we're able now to scan actors and talent and re-create their likeness 100% w
special meaning for the two that you see right here. take a look at young jeff, in the ball cap, and alexa. nothing says intense ardor than that picture. dancing a dance. >> he's got it. he's looking at her. >> he's looking at his buddies over her shoulder like, i don't want to be here, i promise. a seventh grader and a sixth grader. and take a look at what happened a few years later. jeff and alexa, the married couple. they found each other. and in fact, he posted this, the side-by-side photos on reddit. they're good enough to join us this morning. jeff and alexa, thanks for joining us in wisconsin. so, let's go back to the sweet and awkward moment. how much do you guys remember from that dance we just saw? oh, i love skype. if you guys can hear us, one more time. how much of the middle school dance -- we just saw that incredible picture. how much do you guys actually remember of that night? >> really? that much? >> well, i can tell you -- >> almost -- >> we did talk about it. it turns out, neither one -- it was one dance. and they came from opposite sides of the gym. they danced together
to be replaced, so check those expiration dates. for "tkn," i'm alexa. >> most of us rely on maps or gps to navigate. humpback whales have an internal navigation system, and scientists say it's amazing. whales were tagged and tracked as they traveled to and from feeding areas. despite ocean currents, wind, and waves, they can do a thousand-mile trip in almost a perfectly straight line. try that on an interstate! on second thought, don't. >> let's get your opinion in "speak of the week." >> japan is still dealing with the aftermath of the terrible accident at their nuclear-reactor plant. that raises this question -- should the u.s. still use nuclear power? >> i don't think we should because what happened in japan was really unexpected. so if we continue using nuclear power, we never know what could happen. >> after the reactor meltdown in japan, should the u.s. still use nuclear power? >> no, because nuclear power can be dangerous, and if you use nuclear power, there is the chance that the reactors can melt down, and it can harm people within the area, and there can be long-lasting effect
in helping you. >>> it's time now to answer some of your business questions. alexa and monica are with us once again. the first one is about changing the way you market your company. >> i do well with in person, face to face networking to grow the business. how do i translate the skills online so i can reach more clients and grow the business? >> this is interesting because oftentimes, i hear the opposite. sort of i'm great at online, but not when i meet people face to face. she has a personality that can translate online. >> i think if you're good at face to face communication, you'll be fantastic online. online makes it much easier to reach lots of people, but what the face to face networker knows how to do is make them relevant. she can find a way to connect with the person she's meeting online that's how you'd convert the contact. >> i'd say this is what social media is all about. it's about talking a vibrant personality off line and getting it on line. get up to speed on twitter, facebook, instagram and get out there. that's what social media is made for. >> by the way maybe she test
later. jeff and alexa, married couple. they found each other. and posted this, the side-by-side photos. they're good enough to join us this morning. jeff and alexa, thanks for joining us in wisconsin. let's go back to the sweet and awkward moment. how much do you guys remember from that dance we just saw? oh, i love skype. if you guys can hear us, one more time. how much of the middle school dance -- we saw that incredible picture. how much do you guys actually remember of that night? >> really? that much? >> well, i can tell you -- >> almost -- >> we did talk about it. it turns out, neither -- it was one dance. and they came from opposite sides of the gym. they danced together. they ran back to their buddies afterwards. they didn't find each other again until their junior year of high school. but we are thankful that they did. and thanks to you, modern technology, for making that so easy to get to. and thank you, charles. >>> oscar nominations. rob lowe. go nowhere. [ male announcer ] introducing doggie dentures. because four out of five dogs over the age of three develop gum disease,
couple, ten years later. jeffrey and alexa are now mr. and mrs. schultz, and they couldn't be cuter. while they didn't quite exude true love back then, they sure do now. jeffrey is in the marine reserves. >>> and our favorite image of the week is the lion dog of norfolk. this is charlie, and he's three. this was an actual call to 911 when someone spotted him walking through town. >> there is a lion that ran up off the street, a baby lion. it was about the size of a labrador retriever. >> in fact he's a labradoodle and not a lion and he happens to be groomed in the distinctive style of the old dominion university mascot. he's a good dog who could never stalk or kill anything. he has cool hair and he seems to know it, and he's decided to own the look. we love charlie. and what do you bet there will be lion hair cuts, depending on the make, on dogs all across this country henceforth. >>> tomorrow morning on "today," awards season has arrived. we learn the academy award nominations today. tomorrow savannah guthrie will be live from l.a. previewing the golden globes, which, by the way, t
did. we had our gangnam style owith you as well. you missed it. i'm with alexa from new york. >> if you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? >> you know, i went to one of the most beautiful places on earth that i have ever seen before. they're called the maldives. you go to dubai. fly four more hours. it's way in the middle of nowhere, but it's the most beautiful -- >> a long way. >> it's the most beautiful islands you have ever seen. the water is blue. i loved it. >> that's my favorite spot. >> i didn't understand. any place i have never been before? >> yeah. any place -- if you can go anywhere in the world that you haven't been before, where would you go? >> i would like to go to australia. i have never been, and i have never met an aussie i didn't love. >> no kidding. >> we got to run, sweetie. good enough for hugh jackman, it's good enough for me. >> beauty can be skin deep. this is that segment where they -- kathie lee and i are going to tell you how you can look seven years younger. >> then we're going to have you stepping out in style with the hottest fas
. >> there you go. leather sweatpants, everybody. finally, alexa. >> i love that she has her -- very, very tall shoes on and that is the most important thing for a supermodel to wear. girls out there, practice in your shoes. it's so important. >> you have to suffer a little bit to look great in the new year. heels are in? >> absolutely. go in your hallway and practice. give it a go. if you can do it in the hallway, you can do it on the street. >> the hallway is your runway. >> the hallway is your runway. >>> get more on on yahoo!. >>> coming up, as if this wasn't gorgeous enough. victoria's secret angels revealing their secrets. >>> what happens in vegas isn't staying there. we'll tell you more coming up. >> now from abc7 news. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. the mother of a young girl who has been missing, is looking to find if a bone fragment is looking to find the mystery of her disappearance. she vanished from outside a grocery store in november of 1998. the f.b.i. is holding a news conference at 10:00 to provide an update regarding future excavation of a well site
itself driving cars. >> the automaker also showed off alexa's research vehicle which is equipped with devices that allow it to detect and automatically respond to its surroundings. >> the car and drive, on its own, the way fairly complex environment, without a person touching the steering wheel or pedals. >> toyota says the car is aimed at researching technologies that can help drivers avoid crashes. >> the national highway traffic safety administration wants electric and hybrid vehicles to be louder. >> the agency is proposing a new law that will require vehicles traveling under 18 mi. per hour to take more noise in order to alert pedestrians, bicyclists, and others who could be nearby. >> the public has 60 days to comment on the proposed rule to the agency makes its final decision. >> be careful what you tweet ! the library of congress is working on a new kind of collection that may very well include your tweets. >> the libraries communications director is published a block entry given an update on the efforts to build their collection. so far, it amassed more than one under 7
to be somebody who believes that we cannot dial test and alexa, our way into prosperity -- lexicon our way into prosperity to all americans. i do not like to group them. the way i say that is, it is hard to be honest. you cannot say in seven seconds what free markets and limited government really means. it takes a little bit of explanation. at the same time, i think you have to be willing to also say when somebody is not telling the truth -- nobody on tv as ever under oath. remember that the next time you hear a bunch of nonsense. even the speech the president made the other day that may do so crazy, he had already taken the oath. that was done. then he gave a speech. the hand was off the bible by that. the engage people in the conversation. stop talking to voters like you are a financial planner. talk to them like you are their neighbor. we talk like we are there dentists. the people you do not like to deal with. >> we are in a really tough position. at this point in american history, we are at a tipping point. the democratic party -- it did not begin with obama, he accelerated the trend
and rowan and campuses in the south. we will enhance 3 tons of educational alexa's an ounce in north, south, and central new jersey. i thank you for passing this plan, and i was proud to sign it into law this summer in camden paid in k-12 education, there is much more to be done. who would have thought three years ago in face of resistance that i could congratulate us today for the following -- insuring accountability by passing the first major reform of tenure in 100 years, establishing performance-based page in new work through collective bargaining so we can reward and retain the very best teachers in the city where we need them the most, implementing inner-district school choice which has tripled its enrollment and will grow to 6000 students next year, growing the number of charter schools to a record of 86 in new jersey, citing the urban hope act to turn failing schools into renaissance schools in newark and trenton and camden, finally, invested the largest amount of state aid to education in new jersey's history, $8.9 billion in mr.'s budget, over $1 billion higher than in fiscal year
Search Results 0 to 25 of about 26 (some duplicates have been removed)